Every decision you have ever made was based on the information available to you at that time.

This is my research for the most psychologically-based advertising and branding manual for start ups and small businesses to ever exist; carefully crafted to help you make better decisions.

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48. Akim Zerouali, Art Director for Y&R


Art Director for Y&R, Akim Zerouali has +25 years experience interpreting briefs and coming up with advertising and branding solutions for clients.

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47. Cédric Quissola, Independent Art Director


Part-time Art Director for Y&R and independent graphic designer, Cédric Quissola has +7 years’ experience interpreting briefs and coming up with advertising and branding solutions for clients.

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46. Marine Soyez, Art Director for Pixelis

Art Director for Pixelis, Marine Soyez has +5 years experience working with brands to create and refresh their brand identity.

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45. Arnaud Marullaz, Art Director for Y&R

Art Director for Y&R in Paris, Arnaud Marullaz has +6 years’ experience interpreting briefs and coming up with advertising and branding solutions for clients.

How does your job fit into the advertising process? Art directors are in charge of all the images involved in the campaign project. The account handler gives me the brief, and myself along with a copywriter are

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44. Rory Sutherland, Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy

Executive Creative Director and Vice-Chairman for OgilvyOne in London, Vice-Chairman for Ogilvy & Mather UK, and IPA president, Rory Sutherland has +22 years experience exploring the stark discrepencies between theory and reality.

How do you see the advertising industry today? Never mind advertising, the whole job of marketing is to turn human understanding

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43. Matt Marrocco, Author and Lead Designer

Lead Industrial Designer for Streng and author of two successfully launched Kickstarter projects, Matt Marrocco has +6 years experience assisting in the creation of meaningful products, systems, and experiences that have a lasting impact with the end-user both domestically and globally.

How does your job fit into the advertising process? At Streng,

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42. Ivan Pejcic, Strategic Planner for Ogilvy

Strategic Planner for Ogilvy, Ivan Pejcic has +9 years experience inspiring outstanding advertising campaigns while acting as a truth-keeper and diving into the consumer’s mindset and understand how consumers feel and interact with the brand.

How does your job fit into the advertising process? My job is to put truthfullness into the advertising process as well as a creative spark.

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41. John Foland, Web Developer & Entrepreneur

Web developer and Owner of Epurétoile, John Foland has +12 experience designing, building, and developing websites and creating new tools and applications that work together to project a brand’s congruent and specialized message and allow everyone to communicate easier.

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40. Benjamin Descazal, Data Consultant for KBMG

Data Consultant for KBMG, Benjamin Descazal has +2 years experience collaborating with media agencies to optimize media campaigns, demystifying their client’s behavior on websites and social media platforms, and maximizing their campaign’s conversion & profitability.

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39. Isabelle Nancy, Account Manager for JWT

Global Account Manager for JWT, blogger for Confidential Shops and one of four co-authors of La Michauré, Isabelle Nancy has +10 years experience building brand strategies, ensuring consistency in digital and traditional marketing channels, and identifying new

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